Here are some links to articles about New Orleans history, cultural geography, education, and civil rights histories that I’ve published in the past few years.

1. “Why I Stopped Writing Letters of Recommendation for Teach for America, and Why My Colleagues Should Do the Same,” Slate Magazine, October, 2013.

2. Hearing the Hurricane Coming: Storytelling, Second-Line Knowledges, and the Struggle for Democracy in New Orleans PhD Dissertation, Boston College, 2011.

3. The Free Southern Theater: A Timeline.

a timeline I compiled as a teaching tool and for Junebug Productions’ “Talkin’ Revolution,” a 2013 conference and festival celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the FST.

4. “We Are Black Mind Jockeys: Tom Dent, the Free Southern Theater, and the Search for a Second-Line Literary Aesthetic,” Journal of Ethnic American Literature, Vol. 1, July 2011.

an essay about Tom Dent’s role in establishing community-based roots for the Free Southern Theater in New Orleans during the 1960s.

5. “Performance and Cross-Racial Storytelling in post-Katrina New Orleans: Interviews with John O’Neal, Carol Bebelle, and Nick Slie,” TDR: The Drama Review, 57.1 (2013): 48-69. (email me for a pdf copy, if you’re interested).

interviews with leading cultural organizers in New Orleans that underscore why practices of public storytelling became crucial to the work of artists to nurture pluralistic public memories to facilitate just rebuilding in New Orleans after Katrina.

6. “Stories at the Center: Story Circles, Educational Organizing, and the Fate of Neighborhood Public Schools in New Orleans,” American Quarterly, 61.3 (2009): 529-556.

an essay about the coalition work in the Ninth Ward to build an interactive civil rights park celebrating the legacy of Homer Plessy, and its connections to the national models for neighborhood-based educational reform modeled by the Students at the Center program in pre- and post-Katrina New Orleans public schools.

7. “Theatre, Spiritual Healing, and Democracy in the City: ArtSpot Productions’ Go Ye Therefore … in Katrina + 5 New Orleans,” Theatre Forum, Summer 2011.

an essay about spiritual singing, spatial imaginations, and the healing affect of ArtSpot Productions’ post-Katrina, site-based production, Go Ye Therefore . . .

8. “New New Urbanism for a New New Orleans,” American Quarterly 58.4 (2006): 1207-1216.

an early post-Katrina piece exploring some recently published critical geography books and their relevance to rebuilding New Orleans after the Federal Flood.

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